What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer lady
by Stefanie Mai
Approximate read time: 4 minutes

Have you ever heard of Ryan’s Toys? He’s an 8 year old internet sensation who has 24.1M subscribers on Youtube. He’s one of the youngest influencers and was estimated to make $22 million from his videos last year!

So what exactly is influencer marketing, who are these “influencers” and what exactly do they “influence”? Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers. Influencers are individuals, both young and old, from varying backgrounds who have gained a high social following due to their unique style, personality or sense of humor. From Jim Carrey impersonator such as Gilmher Croes to prankster twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre or the innocuous Jason Coffee Family, influencers rack up almost a pied piper style following of users. There are influencers in categories all across the board such as makeup, gaming, and even cooking.

Research shows that influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI. But wait a minute! These are pranksters, makeup and style gurus, they aren’t exactly leading authority or experts on my product. should they promote my product? They don’t have to be, what they have is far more effective -influence. They have established a trusted following who are almost certain to see and try out the products they endorse, clothing/makeup they wear or the music they listen to.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, here are three more reasons why you should invest in influencers.

1. Influencer marketing builds brand credibility and trust.

New products can be very intimidating to customers. By bringing in an influencer, customers may feel more at ease and willing to purchase your product because they can see that someone they trust has used it. When people choose to follow influencers it is because they share the same interest and values. Recommendations from influencers can feel less like an advertisement and more like advice from a friend or family member. When audiences see an influencer use a brand, they become enticed to learn more about it and will most likely want to try it out as well.

2. Influencer marketing is niche marketing

Taking on an influencer can be a very effective way to reach niche audiences. Influencers usually become influencers because they are experts in a certain category and are able to build a strong online presence. Likewise, their audiences are those who have similar interests. Finding an influencer that directly relates to your brand can help you reach more people within your target market.

3. Social media is growing and is a great source for user-generated content.

In today’s society, social media is the norm. More and more accounts are created everyday across multiple platforms. With more social media growth, influencer marketing will continue to play a big role in marketing programs. Influencers often create original content that followers can relate to in a fun captivating way and in turn, will likely engage with this content because of its authenticity. Resources like Cameo and TikTok are amazing ways to build relationships with influencers and grow your business along the way.

Cameo is a digital video hub that allows fans to book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite content creators, actors, and many more. On the platform, customers can request a video for any occasion such as a birthday, baby shower, wedding, or even a break up! This is an increasingly popular platform and an easy way for businesses to promote their services. Recently, Activision hired gaming personality Captain Price to do 400 fan shoutouts for their new game release. This is an experience that most fans would never get to liveout had it not been for Cameo. Not only did this collaboration create more awareness for the game but it also supported an amazing cause. The proceeds from the game went towards charity to help veterans find work.

Recently, Tik Tok partnered with Shopfiy to allow merchants to create and run their own Tik Tok marketing campaigns. This will enable businesses to target their audiences across age, gender, and video category. Through Tik Tok, smaller businesses who don't have a big audience can connect with users in a genuine and authentic way.

Furthermore, most of us have been staying indoors due to COVID and as a result, more people are turning to online platforms to stay connected and entertained. Now is the perfect time to implement influencer marketing and help boost your sales!