Why am I seeing ads for Peppa Pig?
The personalization problemWhy should you care about relevance and personalization?
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For those of you who don't know Peppa Pig, she is the coolest pig on Youtube... and you thought snorting could never sound cool? Peppa is also your 4 year old niece's virtual best friend. Let your kids, nieces or nephews spend a few minutes daily in the Youtube app on your phone and Google can help you understand what they like better than they can.

Why do internet behemoths like Google, Amazon and Netflix care about which of their products and services you are interested in? Let's use a period in our lives we would rather not revisit, at least for the majority of us, for analogy. Your teenage years were probably...awkward. There is no better way to put it. However, the mohawk, mullet, bangs, the cropped tanks, flared pants, the darker grunge tones to plumes, navies and reds, all conveyed something far-reaching that most don't give a second thought. They were a glimpse into our state of mind manifesting in the form of self expressions.

What happened next? Friendships were formed or destroyed. You most likely gravitated towards other kids who accepted your choices or at the very least were not critical towards them. Unconditional acceptance of your expression, no matter what form it took, was an acknowledgement of you.
"Your style and self expression are important to us. Yes! you matter!"
Though less outlandish and conspicuous, we continue to brandish personal style and preferences into adulthood. Our subconscious draws us towards people or organizations which acknowledge our individuality. Such acceptance is the very essence of how relationships are formed, yes, just like your teenage years. Some corporations understand it is far more crucial to establish these relationship than simply offering a lower price than the competition.
Consumers value the relationships you build with them. Understanding your customers' preferences and aligning your products and services in unison, strengthens ties and helps build harmony.
The jocks, goths, nerds, loaners, clowns are probably very different people now. However, they continue to express who they are, perhaps in more subtle ways. Understanding these subtleties with the power of data and adapting product offerings and services is an acceptance of their individuality. Personalization screams "Yes! Your preferences matter. Your style and self expression are important to us."